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Bristol Indians Mens 1st

Bristol & West Men's 1s Summer6-4B+DSHL D1 04/05/18 @ 19:30HWIA
Shepton Mallet Men's 1s(+)B+DSHL D1 10/05/18 @ 19:30ASMLC
To be rearranged
Team Bath Buccaneers Men's Summer5-8B+DSHL D1 18/05/18 @ 19:30HWIA
Clifton Robinsons Men's Summer 1s7-4B+DSHL D1 24/05/18 @ 19:30ACCSG
City of Bath Men's Rascals5-0B+DSHL D1 08/06/18 @ 19:30HWIA
rascals pulled out due to lack of interest Walkover to Bristol Indians
Westbury & United Banks Men's Bluebottles4-5B+DSHL D1 14/06/18 @ 19:30ACDSB
Bristol Firebrands Men's Flames(+)B+DSHL D1 16/07/18 @ 20:00ACCSG
Team Bath Buccaneers Men's Summer Sabres(+)B+DSHL D1 31/07/18 @ 19:30AUBSTV